Best Vampire Cards MTG – Top Rated Magic the Gathering Cards of 2019

Best Vampire Cards MTG

Magic: The Gathering is a collective and digital collective card game. It is also known as Magic Cards or just Magic. Richard Garfield created the world’s first trading card game, which has more than 20 million players. Research shows that over 20 billion Magic cards have been produced in the last ten years. New cards are released regularly through expansion sets. So you can imagine how popular this game has become!

There is an organized tournament system, which can help the worldwide community of professional players to play this game. A minimum of two people are required. There are various formats which fall into two categories. One category is known as constructed and the other one is limited. You can either play this game with printed cards or virtual card deck using software called Magic: The Gathering Online. You can also try playing it on smartphones, tablets, or video games consoles like Magic: The Gathering Arena.

MTG Player Cards

Each game of Magic represents a battle between wizards known as planeswalkers and the opponents. Each planeswalker is different than others. He/she has a different set of strength and advantages. Planeswalker can cast spells, use artefacts, and summon creatures according to the player’s need. These cards are monetarily valuable because of their rarity. Due to the lesser production, the demand for certain cards is very high. There is also a resale market available for such cards.

Vampire Magic Cards

Vampires are a creature type in Magic. Any black and/or white factions can have them as their safeguards. They are not strong enough to save players in battles, but you can hold and use their bloodsucking abilities to survive. In this article, we are reviewing top Magic: The Gathering vampire cards so that you can buy them online. Links are also given below.

Best Vampire Cards MTG

1. Sorin, Lord of Innistrad (142) – Dark Ascension

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad (142) - Dark AscensionSorin as a character is the second oldest planeswalker. He is a planeswalker who fights others for glory, information, and conquest. This card generally goes well in most black/white decks.

Key Features of Sorin

  • This card is rare from the dark ascension set. Players want it, but very few people own it. That is the reason why it is readily available online.
  • It includes the spells and creatures you can summon to fight for you. It is multicolored and an individual card from the MTG trading and collectible card game.
  • Sorin has created an Angel to maintain order and to lock away the most powerful beings ever.
  • He is a master of dark arts, and he always carries a sword.


2. Vampire Hexmage (114) – Zendikar Vampire Cards MTG

Vampire Hexmage (114) - ZendikarInitially, this card was not important at all. There was a demand for these cards, but the players were not so impressed with it. After a few years, interface came out and the counters were everywhere. Majority of the players use Vampire Hexmage to survive after that update.

Key Features of Vampire Hexmage

  • Vampire Hexmage is two-cost black non-legendary immortal. He can permanently remove all the attackers.
  • He can be included in the vampires as well as the shamans. You can sacrifice him at any time to remove all counters from a target.
  • You can activate it instantly on any phase to eliminate counters from opposing planeswalker. Hexmage also works excellent at nullifying hydras or other enemies.
  • This card does not require tapping or spending any mana. After coming back in the game as a sideboard card in black decks, he is there to serve its purpose only.


3. Bloodghast (83) – Zendikar Vampire Cards MTG

Bloodghast (83) - Zendikar Bloodghast is a useful two-cost immortal. He belongs to the vampire as well as spirit factions. This card is a low-cost vampire card as Bloodghast is not legendary. You can use more than one copies while trading as a player.

Key Features of Bloodghast

  • Bloodghast is a vampire ghost. He can’t block anyone. But, if the other person has less than ten lives, Bloodghast comes with haste.
  • You can give it to the field from your graveyard, at the time when a land enters. These activities should be performed under your control.
  • This card is not just the black swamps that most vampires feed from! It is a fantastic revival of any sudden attack that can save your unit many times.
  • Vampires often bear life-link to recover health whenever they are in the battle. But, Bloodghast does not get activated when you don’t have any land.


4. Drana, Liberator of Malakir (109/274) – Battle for Zendikar

Drana, Liberator of Malakir (109-274) - Battle for ZendikarLegendary Drana is both – a vampire and an ally. There are a lot of advantages to this card. Whenever Drana attacks, she not only boost the vampires but also holds all forces around her including herself.

Key Features of Drana

  • Drana assists the type-dependent abilities of two large creature families. She places a +1/+1 counter on each attacking creature controlled by the player.
  • She can fly tremendously. This boon helps her to hit the opponent bypassing the land defenders. She takes the first strike and deals with all battle damages and avoids every counterattack.
  • If the opposite party use airborne creatures, you may need to use other unblock tricks to keep her strengths intact.
  • This card is inexpensive. It needs only one color to cast. So, it is preferable to buy Drana to get some help at the time of battles.


5. Edgar Markov – Commander 2017 Vampire Cards MTG

Edgar Markov - Commander 2017Edgar Markov is a rare card to have, and thus it is expensive. He demands six mana to play. Compared to other vampires, his 4/4 stats are low, but his haste makeup and the first strike can cover up the entire difference.

Key Features of Edgar Markov

  • Whenever Markov attacks, he places a +1/+1 counter on each vampire you control, including himself.
  • He is a great commander. He provides his service adding black, red, and white colors in your deck.
  • You can use this card on the battlefield and the command zone. It makes Markov a vital character which can help you with several disposable creatures.
  • If he manages to arrive, you have got the best vampire till now. A trio of colors and extraordinary capabilities make him different than others.


You may know all of these vampires. But if you don’t, this article may have informed you whatever you were wanted to know about vampire magic cards! We hope you can encounter vampire-supporting planeswalkers in the future using these cards. Enjoy the game.

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