How to Clean Card Sleeves? – Tips to Make Your Card Sleeves Dirt Free

How to Clean Card Sleeves

Card sleeves are excellent card protectors and come handy for people who play cards and enter tournaments regularly. Cards tend to get dirty quite quickly and are susceptible to folding, breaking, etc. without protection. That is why card sleeves have become popular among card enthusiasts today.

However, from time to time you must clean your card sleeves as well. Over time, dirt, bacteria, and other elements accumulate on the sleeves, making them really dirty and even unhygienic. Cleaning them will ensure that they are clean and last long without hassle. Let’s learn how to do so!

How to Clean Card Sleeves?

1. Give them a bath

This tip is for those who have extremely dirty card sleeves and need to remove all the dirt in one shot.

  • Soak the sleeves in warm water and use a mild cleaning agent.
  • After a few minutes, transfer the sleeves to a tub of cold water to remove any leftover dirt or dust particles.
  • Wait again and then remove the sleeves and lay them out to dry.
  • Make sure they are completely dry before using them. Otherwise, your expensive deck of cards will be in ruins. The best way to ensure this is to slip in old cards that you are not using anymore. These will soak water if there’s any left in the corners.
  • Now, leave them for a few hours to dry completely. You can test with more useless cards just to be sure before using them again.

2. Use a toothbrush

A toothbrush can efficiently remove dust and dirt from the sleeve without risking water damage. It is a great technique for regular maintenance, and many swear by it. Make sure you use a soft bristle, though, to be safe.

3. Use some rubbing alcohol

rubbing alcohol

We tried this method and found it to be quite effective. All you need is a soft cloth or cotton and some rubbing alcohol. It will help you wipe off every undesired element on your card sleeves, leaving them looking like they are brand new. This method is also quite safe. So, we totally recommend it.

Cleaning card sleeves can be a tricky business because a lot depends on them. If they aren’t cleaned properly, your deck could suffer. Plus, you could be questioned during tournaments for marking your cards! Shuffling will also become a hassle with partially or badly cleaned sleeves. This is why it is important that you clean them in the safest possible way and exercise at every step.

We hope our tips help you do a great job without dire consequences. If you have any other methods that have helped you, please let us through Comments, and we will add it to our list. All the best!

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