How to organize Pokémon cards – best ways to sort cards

How to organize Pokémon cards 

Pokémon came into our lives as a blessing. Everything the makers have done with it has become a huge success. Whether you think about the TV show or the mobile game or the card game, you will note that each of them has a loyal fan base. This article is dedicated to the Pokémon card players because we are going to speak about sorting and organizing them.


Pokémon cards are a collector’s pride. Even just the players take extra effort to sort their cards and ensure that they are easy to find when needed. If you are wondering how to do that, you will find the answer here.

How to organize Pokémon cards 

Gone are the days when you stacked your cards up and wrapped a rubber band around them. There are many easy and reliable methods that you can choose instead of this tacky, lazy way. Let’s take a look at our favorites:

Use a binder

Card collecting is not a new hobby. Many card games have avid collectors and that’s why finding a trading card binder is not difficult. These binders have neat inserts made of plastic using which you can safeguard your cards. Many of them even have tabs to take you to the right card or category. For example – fire.

Use storage boxes

Another way to organize your Pokémon cards is by using storage boxes. Head over to a good supply store and buy a box that has narrow compartments (big enough to fit your cards). Organize your collection based on your preferred system and then label each of them. 

Store by deck

This is probably the easiest way to store your Pokémon cards. Most beginners start with decks before upgrading to other methods. Assemble your cards in the deck and place the deck in a closet or shelf. Those who have multiple decks can name them in order to remember which ones to pick for particular cards.

Ways in which you can organize cards

There’s no template here. You can organize your cards however you want to, based on different parameters. If you are stuck, though, and do not know how to begin, here are some ideas that will help you:

  • Sort them by set: Each Pokémon card has a symbol on it at the bottom. Each symbol depicts a set. You can sort all your cards out by these symbols and store them accordingly.
  • Sort them by number: Every card has a number that you can use for this form of organization. But, we suggest that you use this as a second level of sorting after arranging them by set.
  • Sort by evolution: Each evolution can go into a separate stack. So the first stack will have the first evolution of all Pokémon and so on.
  • Sort by type: Ghost, electric, bug, dragon, fire, rock, steel, flying, etc. are some of the types that Pokémon are sorted into. You can organize them by these types. Make sure you pay attention to hybrids and special types as well. 
  • Sort by rarity: This system will work for serious collectors who have a few rare ones in the bag. Arrange your cards from common to rare. You can also safeguard the rare ones with protectors (plastic sleeves) so that they stay in the same condition for a long time.

Pokémon is not just a game. It is a favorite hobby! Whether you are starting your collection or are ankle-deep in it already, learning a new way to organize the cards is always a good idea. We hope our article helped you with the same. If you have any doubts regarding this, kindly leave a comment.

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