Dragon Shield Sleeves Review: Know More about Best Card Sleeves

Dragon Shield Sleeves card

Dragon Shield Sleeves Review

Many types of card sleeves are available in the market for keeping the cards shielded. One such kind of shield sleeve that has become popular and is purchased by many people is Dragon Shield sleeves.  Dragon shield sleeves have gained popularity due to its premium quality and the varieties it comes in. Not only it looks good it also gives protection to the cards against damage. To help all my beautiful readers to decide if it is worth the price and hype I am going to list down all the key features, pros, cons and what people have to say who have brought the dragon shield sleeves.

Key features:

  • The box comes with a pack of 100 sleeves which is enough to cover all the cards.
  • It comes in various variants such as premium, ultra-premium, matte, etc. that you can choose from for your cards.
  • It fits all types of cards mostly and can shield cards that measure up to 63×88 mm.
  • It is perfect for using it for pokemon cards and other card games.


  • The design of the sleeve is, and it also resists the damage to cards while playing the game.
  • The cardboard box that comes with the sleeves can be used to store the cards.
  • The cardboard box can fit up to 75 cards with sleeves, and the box also comes with a label that you can use to add your name and other details.
  • The texture of the sleeves is good, and it becomes easy to shuffle the cards.
  • The quality of the picture on the sleeves is excellent, and the sleeves are sturdy while using.


  • The only con that people have reported is the price of the sleeves. Many people think that the pricing is steep for sleeves and is expensive as compared to other types of sleeves available in the market.

What people have to say about the Dragon Shield Sleeves ?

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Dragon shield sleeves are the top-rated customer choice for the card sleeves. The overall rating of these sleeves is 4.5/5 which makes it the number one choice for sleeves. People who have purchased these card sleeves are impressed with the quality of the shield sleeves. They also feel that it eases out the shuffling process. Some people have also commented on how it comes with extra sleeves, and there are more than 100 sleeves in the box. In short, people like these sleeves and feel the price is worth the quality it comes for.

Concluding remarks:

I feel that these shield sleeves are a good investment. Although it is a bit expensive, the premium quality of the sleeves makes it worth it. It fits all types of cards and is pleasant to touch. Another feature I liked the most about dragon shield sleeves is that it comes in various varieties giving options to its consumers to choose from.

However, I feel the only problem with these sleeves is that the Headquarter of the manufacturer brand of dragon shield sleeves is in Denmark. So in any case, if there is an issue with the sleeves, it will take longer to get it replaced.

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