Best Yugioh Booster Box to Make Money – Latest Yugioh Box Sets of 2019

Best Yugioh Booster Box to Make Money

If you are reading this article, I am sure that you are here to buy your favorite booster pack. But for all those who are new to this game, let me remind you about the same before we go further. So, what is Yu-Gi-Oh!? Well, in the simplest term, it is a trading card game. It is a game of strategy. Players create separate Decks of cards collected from Structure Decks and Booster Packs. “Konami” designed it. This collectible card game is based on the fictional game of Duel Monsters. 

Moving further and talking about the game, there are many card types and zones. All of them are laid out in a predetermined manner starting with the main deck, extra Deck, graveyard, main monster zone, additional monster zone, spell & trap zone, field zone, pendulum scale, and banished card. 

How to Play?

In this card game, one vs. one or two vs. two players draws cards from their respective decks. All the players take their turns and play into ‘the field.’ Each deck contains forty or sixty cards and players can play only with that. There is also an option of ‘Extra Deck’ that contains extra fifteen or fewer cards. Apart from these two, there is a ‘Side Deck.’ The players can swap cards between games using it. YuGiOh card players have 8000 life points at the beginning and are restricted to three of each card per Deck. 

When Does a Player Lose?

The game ends when one of the two players has zero Life Points. If both players lost all their Life Points altogether, the game ends in a draw. Apart from that, a player loses when he/she required to draw a card but has no more cards left to bring in the Main Deck. Being a player, you can forfeit at any time. You can either win the cards, earn from them, or buy them online. Here is a list of the best YuGiOh booster box to buy.

Best Yugioh Booster Box to Make Money

1. Legendary Duelists: White Dragon Abyss Booster Box1. Legendary Duelists: White Dragon Abyss Booster Box

Legendary Duelists: White Dragon Abyss expands five previous iterations of the YuGiOh, manga, and animated series. There are many updates, such as GX, 5D’s, ZEXAL, and ARC-V! This booster deck provides popular strategies for famous monsters. Yes, about all the monsters you are thinking right now! 😉

Product Description and Features

  • It continues to popular power-up strategies based around famous monsters such as Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Cyber Dragon!
  • The Deck includes cards to strengthen both regular Blue-Eyes White Dragon Decks as well as various versions of the Deck that employs the Ritual Summoning tactics.
  • This new Level 10 Synchro Monster can protect against all other card effects. It allows you to take control or even destroy the monsters that are dangerous for you. You can stop them from activating their effects.
  • White Dragon Abyss also contains new cards for Kite’s ‘Photon’ Deck. So, if you are looking for such monsters, this booster box is just perfect for your needs.
  • There are 36 Booster Packs per display box – 5 cards per booster pack. The White Dragon Abyss contains 55 cards in total.


2. Destiny Soldiers YuGiOh Booster Box

2. Destiny Soldiers Booster Box by Yu-Gi-Oh!

Aster Phoenix popular Destiny Hero cards are back in the market! Yay. The Destiny Soldiers booster set comes with 60 cards, in which you can get 40 Super Rares and 20 Secret Rares. This booster box uses an all-time favorite all-foil 4 plus 1 card configuration. You can also find similar types in The Secret Forces and the Hidden Arsenal boosters.

Product Description and Features

  • This set features the return of a fan-favorite theme that originated in the YuGiOh and GX animated series.
  • It offers a fantastic and super-powerful new spin on the Darklords from the YuGiOh, GX manga, and more! 
  • Firstly, this pack was introduced in 2008, and it is popular since then. You can try to match up the newly launched series with the initially released cards. If you are unable to do that, not to worry. You can still play on their own. 
  • You may also get a troupe of Pendulum Monsters with acting skills that channel their love of theatre into incredible Dueling prowess! 
  • Using this booster kit, you can achieve the most awaited victory of all time. The cards help you to power up your own monsters and weaken your opponents.


3. Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Zombie Horde Structure Deck3. Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Zombie Horde Structure Deck

This YuGiOh Zombie Horde Structure Booster Deck includes two Ultra Rares, three Super Rares, thirty-seven standard cards. So, you can say that there are forty-one cards on the Main Deck. The kit also includes one extra deck card that makes a total of forty-two cards in this box. According to my opinion, this deal is a steal. Buy it now!

Product Description and Features

  • The best part of playing with these cards is that you can surrender or call for this Deck’s main monster from your graveyard. You can do it as long as any field spell is still in the play. After that, it will become invalid.
  • You can also nullify the effect of a monster or send him away from the field or graveyard. It will work only and only when a Zombie monster uses its effect. 
  • Here, remember one thing is that being an efficient player, you may need the Zombie world field spell in the play. 
  • This booster pack will help you to convert all the monsters of the field or graveyard into zombies. You may need three good cards to build a deck. This way, you can make a good zombie deck and make money.
  • This box is inexpensive. In this minimal amount, you will never find any stronger structure deck. It will make your play curious, funny, creative, entertaining, and exciting.


4. Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: 2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin4. Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: 2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin

Spare one minute and just adore this beautiful Gold Sarcophagus Tin. It’s the latest design and launched recently on 30th August 2019. The best part of this product is that you can carry it anywhere without fearing of wear and tear of your valuable cards. So, if you are a rough user, don’t worry. Gold Sarcophagus Tin has got your back!

Product Description and Features

  • This product is specifically designed to protect your valuable cards. Avoid card tearings and store them most stylishly and efficiently.
  • Each pack comes with 5 Prismatic Secret Rare variant cards. Two cards from the six come with the art created by Kazuki Takahashi – the creator of YuGiOh.
  • It also includes two cards from the set of five from the original YuGiOh animated series. The other three cards are of the Egyptian God designed by the most talented Kazuki Takahashi.
  • You can use 1 of 3 World Premiere cards in any Deck. You can resume in front of any strategies of your opponent using these cards.
  • All the foil cards of these mega-packs are rare and helpful to achieve different rarities. They add many more exciting elements of mystery compared to their original 2018 release.


5. YuGiOh Raging Tempest Special Edition Mini Booster Box5. YuGiOh Raging Tempest Special Edition Mini Booster Box

The kit of Raging Tempest Special Edition includes three booster packs in one. Apart from that, there are plus one of two foil versions preview cards launched in the year of 2017. If you are a Duelist, then you can get the help from the Raging Tempest. This booster pack contains many new and popular cards for a variety of themes.

Product Description and Features

  • Raging Tempest Mini Booster Box includes many powerful standalone cards that can be used in various Decks.
  • It supports every existing theme tremendously. Not only that, but Raging Tempest also starts off three new items.
  • Any Zoodiac monsters in such themes can be called for the duty using any other monster from the theme. 
  • For all those creative Duelists who like to invent new strategies for the toughest monsters, this theme and YuGiOh Raging Tempest will prove itself are the best.
  • If you purchase this product, you can power up your Decks without spending more bucks. You can buy it in a lesser amount than the three individual booster packs!


That is it! These are the best YuGiOh booster box to buy. YuGiOh is one of the top-selling card games around the world. In 2009, its name appeared in the Guinness Book of World Record. The company sold 22 billion cards worldwide in one year. Crazy, isn’t it? Buy your important cards and win the game. Learn and earn. Best of luck!

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