Best Sleeves for Pokemon Cards – Top Protective Card Sleeves of 2019

Best Sleeves for Pokemon Cards

Anime lovers all over the world will surely have Pokemon on their favorite anime list. People have millions of emotions and feelings connected with Pokemon. None of the fans miss out on any Pokemon essentials. The Pokemon cards feel like enjoying the original Pokemon battles. You must have Pokemon card sleeves to protect your cards from damaging its original shine and authentic texture. If your card sleeves are water-resistant, creases-free, prevents bent corners, then they are apt for your cards. 

Keeping all the necessities in mind, I have listed my five best sleeves for Pokemon cards. All of the cards listed below are reasonable and always appreciated by the users. I have also mentioned the major plus points, which will make it easier for you to purchase your best fitted Pokemon card sleeves.   

Best Pokemon Cards Sleeves

1. Apollo Card Sleeves for Pokemon

Apollo Card Sleeves for PokemonApollo card sleeve is the better place for your pokemon card. If you are too a Pokemon lover and play these cards often, then you must take care of them by covering them with card sleeves. The Apollo card sleeves deck acts as a protective shield on your cards. Keep reading the following specifications for more information: 

Key Features:

  • The card sleeves are made with premium quality Quiver Time.
  • The texture of the card sleeves is smooth, easy shuffling, and prevents bent corners. 
  • It is an ultra-clear polypropylene card deck and is scratch-free.
  • It comes with the packaging of 3 packs with 100 sleeves each.
  • The card sleeves protector are versatile and have a precision fit design. 
  • The card sleeves measure from 66mm*91mm and covers the cards measuring 63*88mm.
  • It is Acid and PVC free, which is the best part of the card sleeves. 
  • The card protector helps eliminate oil on the surface of the card and maintain color.
  • The card sleeves support tabletop board games like Pokemon, The Gathering, and many more. 
  • It also has a refund policy for the customers who feel about returning the sleeves within the first 30 days of purchase.
  • Shift cards easily with no hassle with Apollo Card Sleeves.


2. Totem Card Sleeves for Pokemon

Totem Card Sleeves for PokemonDo you feel the Kamehameha vibes while playing these super cards? To all the Pokemon and anime lovers protecting these cards from any sort of damage is the uttermost important thing to do. Totem World Card sleeves and deck protector box can resolve all your issues to safeguard your cards. Let’s read more about the specifications:

Key Features:

  • The card sleeves come in a pack of 100 sleeves. 
  • These sleeves are compatible with Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, The Gathering card, and much more. 
  • It comes along with a zipper Deck Protector box and is Kid Safe.
  • The Totem Card sleeves are super travel-friendly due to its compact look and durable design with lightweight. 
  • The card deck box has a strap that you can easily attach with your backpack.
  • The design and look of the card sleeves are not tacky at all; it has a lovely chich mat black texture. 
  • This card case and card sleeves are the easy way to keep your card organized.
  • The Totem Card sleeves prevent cards from water, dust, creases, and rips.
  • This can be the perfect gift for your anime and Pokemon lover friend.
  • It is 100% worthy of money and satisfies the needs of your cards.  
  • The box contains 1 Totem Pokemon Card Carrying Case, 2 Deck Boxes, 1 Detachable Carabiner.


3. Ryker Card Sleeves for Pokemon

Ryker Card Sleeves for PokemonIf you are in search of a very compact and easy to use best sleeves for Pokemon cards, then Ryker Card Sleeves are the right choice. The clear pack of card sleeves comes in two color variants. Read below to know more about the card sleeves. 

Key Features:

  • The card sleeves guarantee to be 5x stronger than the competitors.
  • These card sleeves are used and trusted by professional card players. 
  • It has a smooth texture for easy shuffling of cards. 
  • Ryker card sleeves pack has strong edges, premium textured back, clear front, Acid & PVC free, and non-slip grip.
  • It is compatible with games like Pokemon, The Gathering, MTG, Villainous, and much more. 
  • The design and cards are made with Friction Pulverizing Microbeads. 
  • The amazon users top recommend Ryker card sleeves. 
  • The packaging is done with a double-coated protection, which reduces the chances of damage. 
  • The sleeves give you an immediate sense while you are holding it the wrong way as it has pebbles texture at the backside of the card sleeves. 
  • Also, one gets a “Bonus” sleeves or two with the card sleeve pack.


4. Pro Support Card Sleeves for Pokemon

Pro Support Card Sleeves for PokemonPro Support cards are the amazon’s choice card sleeves with maximum people’s recommendation and positive reviews. If you want to rely on a trustworthy product, then do use these card sleeves. The packaging comes with the 200 trading card sleeves. Have a look at some more specifications: 

Key Features: 

  • These are the standard card sleeves with a soft texture.
  • It comes in a pack of 200 sleeves that are sufficient for every card game.
  • It has perfect protection for games like Pokemon, MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, and many more. 
  • These are considered to be the perfect fit sleeves for the cards.
  • The card sleeves protect from greasy texture, creases, cracks, water, dust, or any other damage. 
  • If you are in search of beneficiaries with reasonable rates then Pro Support is the correct choice.
  • These card sleeves are Acid proof.
  • If you want the card sleeves that lasts long, then you must get Pro Support Card sleeves for Pokemon.
  • They are durable and have double sleeving.
  • It has a very reasonable price.
  • The protecting cards are crystal clear and soft while using it.
  • The card sleeves are slippery and make the shuffle easier. 
  • Overall, you can get these card sleeves as a second option.


5. Ultra Pro Card Sleeves for Pokemon

Ultra Pro Card Sleeves for PokemonIf you are in search of super pocket-friendly card sleeves for your Pokemon cards, then Ultra Pro Card Sleeves are the best choice. Apart from rates, it also has a very good response from the users and amazon too. If you want to maintain the original luster and shine of your card, then do apply these sleeves as a protectant. Know more specifications as below: 

Key Features:

  • It comes in a pack of 100 card sleeves.
  • It is compatible with games like Magic, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and much more.
  • These are the clear polypropylene sleeves with a soft texture.
  • The card sleeves are Acid-free and PVC free. 
  • One can easily shuffle the cards without any hassle due to its texture and smoothness. 
  • Though these card sleeves are durable, you can afford these sleeves very often due to its price ratio.
  • The card sleeves are creases free and water-resistant.
  • The Ultra Pro card sleeves are slimmer than others.
  • It is light-weighted and easy to carry everywhere.
  • It is worth for money as it serves the purpose of keeping your cards as it was earlier. 
  • If you have n no. of board games and card games, then you might not prefer purchasing the expensive sleeves every time. So these sleeves are perfect and best for your cards as it has every specialty your card needs and if super cheap too.


Here the list ends, and these were the protective shields over your cards. I hope you would find the best shot. If you are still confused, then I would recommend you to buy Ultra Pro Pokemon Card Sleeves. These card sleeves are very reasonable and serve the purpose of forming a protective layer on the cards. One can easily rely on Ultra Pro if they are having a large no. of board games with them. These card sleeves are not only mend for Pokemon cards but also for many other card games. So, that’s it. I would be coming soon with more exciting topics. 

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